Hearty Vegan Pancakes

I love making pancakes on Sundays but now that we have to stay at home, any day is pancake day! Hearty because I added seeds, nuts, oats and fruits to make this a little extra. INGREDIENTS Flour Old fashioned oats Chia seeds Flax seeds Pumpkin seeds Bananas Kiwi Cinnamon powder Baking soda Plant milk CashewContinue reading “Hearty Vegan Pancakes”

Vegan Travels- New York, USA

Ah, the Big Apple! We have been looking forward for this trip and we were quite overwhelmed- in a good way especially with food. We couldn’t go to all the places on our list because there were just too many options. Being vegan in New York is not hard at all in fact you canContinue reading “Vegan Travels- New York, USA”