Vegan Travels- New York, USA

Ah, the Big Apple! We have been looking forward for this trip and we were quite overwhelmed- in a good way especially with food. We couldn’t go to all the places on our list because there were just too many options. Being vegan in New York is not hard at all in fact you can get spoiled, so here are some places we went to for food.

Burger King

The Impossible whopper

Yes, Burger King! They recently offer the impossible whopper which is meat free! Though fast food is not the healthiest option but when you’re on a drive thru and you have the option to get a 100% plant based burger? Come on, you just gotta give it a try!

Haven Rooftop Bar- Sanctuary Hotel

Mezze platter

We checked in at the Sanctuary Hotel in Midtown which is located close to Times Square but not too close to where the crowds are. We had a few drinks at their lovely rooftop bar in the afternoon and we loved the vibe there. They had happy hour and some vegan options. We had the mezze platter which had quinoa, hummus, baba ganoush, cut vegetables, olives and pita bread. It comes with tsaziki sauce but you can ask to have it without them.

Bluestone Lane

Avocado toast and breakfast bowl

We went for a run in Central Park and came across this brunch cafe in the Upper East side since it was the closest to us. It’s not completely vegan but we found some vegan options and great coffee too. The food that we ordered usually comes with egg but you can also have it without. We loved how it was so easy for us in New York to talk to them about our food preferences.

Blossom Du Jour

Breakfast bowls

We loved this vegan restaurant! I usually use Yelp for vegan restaurants around the area and this one was top rated. We went there for breakfast and we were blown way by the buffalo cauliflower. We had the breakfast bowls which had black beans, vegan eggs, rice, pickled kale, bacon tempeh and sweet potatoes and it was just so good!

Greggory’s Coffee

Vegan Scramble

Just across Blossom Du Jour, there’s Gregg’s coffee. We were just there to get some good coffee but saw they had vegan snacks and desserts there too.

Foragers Market

Vegan buffet

We came across this place while walking towards Chelsea to have a night out. We were quite hungry and we got lucky we fond this place. The place is like a gourmet grocery store but they also sell food. They have a buffet style setting where you can mix different kinds of food and you pay it by weight. They had a lot of vegan options and good beer too!

Amar- SoHo District

Cauliflower cury and Acai smoothie bowl

Found this restaurant again by chance, it seems like every corner we take has vegan options! We had the cauliflower curry and the acai smoothie bowl and unsweetened iced tea for drinks. Definitely a place to try if you happen to be in Soho.


And of course there’s a plant based ice cream bar just beside Amar! We had the toasted coconut butter and dark cacao coconut ice cream. Their ice cream is dairy free, no refined sugar added, allergen free and of course plant based. Simply amazing!

Friedman’s Lunch- Chelsea market

We arrived in Chelsea market quite early so not a lot of restaurants were open so we chose this. It’s not a vegan place but they were nice enough to make our food vegan. We had the veggie plate, avocado toast and yuca fries. I must say it wasn’t the best especially for the price but we’re always happy to find vegan options!

Ivan Ramen

Vegan Ramen

This was on our list and it was on top priority since it’s difficult to find vegan ramen. We didn’t make a reservation because we were out all day and we had to wait an hour to be seated. Good thing there’s a nice bar close by suggested by the people in Ivan Ramen and we got some beers. We got a text in 30 minutes that we had a table already which we were happy about! We ordered the vegan ramen and some crispy eggplant for starters and it was so delicious! The restaurant is in the Lower East side of Manhattan, though it’s quiet a journey it’s a must try when you’re in New York!

Halal Food carts in Manhattan

Food carts in New York

Lastly, if you’re out all night in Manhattan and can’t find a place to eat you can find some falafel sandwich or rice on these food carts.

There are so many vegan restaurants and vegan options in New York so it’s a great place to travel to. Everyone is just so friendly and open, we even got a free one week yoga try out in Core Power Yoga at Bryant Park.

Happy Travels!

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