Vegan Travels- Milan, Italy

Italy is one of the countries you would visit not just for the culture, architecture or fashion but also for its amazing food! If you’re vegan you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find plant based food in Milan, even a Michelin star quality one.

Soul Green Italia

On our first day in Milan, we searched on Yelp for a vegan restaurant close by and found this gem. The interior was lovely with shabby chic style furniture and plants. We had guacamole for starters and ordered the gnocchi and risotto. We also had the health juices with our meal. Their ingredients are fresh from the local farmers and they have a sustainable manifesto.We absolutely loved this restaurant!

Flower Burger

Flower Burger Milan

We had an entire week in Milan and was craving for something other than pasta or pizza. We found this vegan burger place and it was so good! We ordered he Flower Burger and the Tofungo with potato wedges on the side. The serving was huge, so if you plan to visit be sure to have an empty stomach!


This was the highlight of our vegan travels! We found this plant based Michelin star restaurant and it was one of the best experiences we’ve had. It is a little pricey but worth it. When we sat on our table, they brought us a welcome snack. It was bits of vegetables on a plate palette with 5 types of sauces with it. They also served us watermelon carpaccio as an appetizer.

Watermelon Carpaccio

We also had an aperitif of alcohol free Negroni and a Gin cocktail which they mixed in front of us.

Their menu is creatively written which took us a bit to order because they all sounded so delicious. For our starter, we got Man does not live on bread alone and A doorway to Heaven.

A doorway to heaven is a japanese-style well cooked and soft eggplant, mosaic with sauces in contrast, summer guazzetto, rich in herbs, crudités and flowers, diced porcini mushrooms and Vallemaggia pepper.

For our main dish, we had The navel of the world and Divertissement, thinking about summer and Zen which was just divine!

They had a huge wine list menu so we had wine pairing that complemented our meal. For dessert we had coffee raspberry cake and what was called five minutes.

It was such a wonderful experience and would definitely come back. The service was amazing and the ambience was simple but elegant.

Vegan Tips and Surprises

In Italy, you can easily order a marinara pizza, pasta aglio olio or pomodorro but if it’s not on their list you can ask them nicely if its available. You can also order pizza without cheese and add some vegetables if you like. We usually order pizza marinara and add some olives, artichokes and sometimes arugula on top!

I also visited this place called Navigli which kinda looked a little bit like Venice and was surprised to find  falafel bowl in a little restaurant there.

You can also find a lot of juice stands and fruits around Milan. I found this pretty one in Brera District and I couldn’t help but shop for some fruits to take with me to the hotel.

@Brera District

Before booking your hotel, it is also better if you check their food selection and if they are vegan friendly. We stayed at the Hilton Milan and was pleasantly surprised by their breakfast buffet. They had a large variety of fruits, muesli, nuts, grains, even goji berries and plant milk. The savory breakfast food was also great, they had falafel, vegetable spring rolls, stir fry noodles, congee, chickpeas even vegan ricotta and salami.

Milan is definitely a vegan food lover’s paradise and they never ran out of espresso!


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