Vegan Travels- Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina soon and not sure if it’s a vegan friendly country? I’m here to tell you that it sure is! Bosnian cuisine is a balance between Western and Eastern influences. Usually their food is meat based cooked with spices but I found vegetarian restaurants while we were walking along the old town.

Vegan plate

I forgot the name of the restaurant but there are quite a few of them, just look at the signs outside that says they offer vegetarian dishes. The dishes are mostly vegetarian, so some of them may have cheese or eggs but you can ask them which ones are vegan. The lady at the restaurant was so nice that she said she will make a vegan plate for us. She mixed rice, potatoes, beans and vegetables! There are also fruit stands that sell local cherries, apples, apricots and peaches.

Bosnian coffee

 When in Bosnia, you must try their Bosnian coffee and it’s always served with Lokum or Turkish delight. I’ve always wondered if they are vegan and from my research it’s made usually with a gel of grain starch, sugar, chopped nuts and fruit flavoring.

We stayed in an Airbnb called Goa Mostar and we had the best view of the Stari Most bridge. Our host, Amir was also very accommodating and hospitable, even made a vegan breakfast for us!

Amir veganized a typical Bosnian breakfast and most ingredients were from his garden. Vegetables, freshly baked bread, coffee and rose juice that was made from Bosnian roses boiled with a little bit of sugar for sweetness. Even the jam was home made- apricot and rose marmalade, it was quite a treat!

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