Tibits- Bern, Switzeland

Tibits is a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant with locations in different cities of Switzerland, England and Germany. We live in Brig and the closet one was in Bern-just an hour and 20 minutes away, so I was really excited to go there for my birthday. There are 2 Tibits in Bern, the take away restaurant which is close to the train station but we went to the other which was more of a sit down style.

Tibits, Bern Switzerland

This restaurant is buffet style, you get a plate, fill it up, weigh and pay at the counter. They had a variety of vegan goodness like hummus, vegan bread and cheese, lentils, vegan paella, pasta, salad, seasonal vegetables, seaweed,  and dessert. Tibits is not 100% vegan though so you just need to have a look at the signs or the description.

  • V= vegan
  • L= with milk products
  • O =with egg
  • G= with gluten
  • S= with soy
  • N= with nuts

Aside from the buffet, by the counter you can order drinks like coffee, fresh juices and even champagne. We ordered coffee and an alcohol free Hugo to celebrate my birthday brunch!

They also have vegan cakes, muffins and even ice cream. Usually Switzerland is quiet on Sundays since most shops are closed but I was surprised this was open and was packed with people after 12 noon. If you are a group of 6 or more, you can call ahead for reservation but less than that it’s find your table first. This is a good place for a group of friends, family with their children and pets too. Great food with the best value for money!

I filled my plate with vegan schnitzel, artichokes, chickpeas, different types of hummus, and vegan paella and took a second plate just for dessert.

Vegan Rhubarb and Apple Crumble with mango cashew sauce

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