Vegan Travels-Mom’s Table in Augsburg, Germany

One of the things that really excite us in our travels is finding vegan restaurants we can explore. We recently went to Bavaria, Germany and found one that we loved! If you plan to visit the Bavarian region of Germany you must try Mom’s Table Organic Vegan Restaurant. Located in the city center of Augsburg, on Maximilian Strasse. Their food is bio, organic, gluten free and sugar free too! We ordered a few different things like the Superfood Salad, Falafel Chia Wrap, Buddha Bowl and Dal Soup. The food was really delicious and so colorful, it was really made with love I can tell.

And then we got some dessert which was mind blowing! We tried 2 different cakes, the Hazelnut cake and the Peanut butter cake. The Peanut butter cake was the winner for me and we didn’t stop there, we also tried their coconut rice pudding. I am really inspired by that restaurant and will try to make some especially the cakes! The owner was really nice and told us how they made the cakes, he didn’t tell s the exact ingredients though but I will try and make them myself next time.

The place was really full when we got there so it’s best to call and make a reservation. I’d definitely go back to that restaurant the next time we fly to Germany! Guten Appetit!

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